Western Wild Ginseng

I have always had a love and passion for the outdoors. My outdoors career began when I became a wildlife biologist. Ginseng adventures began in 2010 when I started digging the Ohio River valley of central Kentucky.

The Ozarks, like most mountainous regions of the world, have a strong heritage of self-reliance. Hunting for ginseng & other herbs to sell to international markets are at the core of this heritage. Protecting the future of ginseng and other medicinal plants from over-harvest, cultivation & good stewardship practices is essential. Western Wild Ginseng encourages sustainable harvest.

I have been growing ginseng and protecting wild populations in multiple states for over 8 years. This is my third season as a ginseng dealer. Western Wild Ginseng specializes in ethically harvested, premium wild ginseng roots. ‘Ethical harvest’ means digging roots only in the legal season, selectively harvesting only the best plants, and carefully planting the red berries which contain the seeds of ginseng’s future.

I became involved in the ginseng business because of my passion for nature and the many different cultures that surround ginseng both in the U.S.A and in Asia. From the rural digger, to the health conscious western consumer, to the reverent practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.

Western Wild Ginseng is based in Harrison Arkansas, the cross roads of the Ozarks. But we serve and collect from across the state of Arkansas and into Missouri. I have a deep respect for the many different, and beautiful, habitats the Ozarks and the “natural state” have to offer.

I specialize in only top quality “Western Wild” Wild American ginseng roots & products, as well as many other native & medicinal plants.

Nowhere else in the world can you get ginseng collected from just a few miles from an active diamond mine.

If you try Ozarks wild ginseng you will quickly learn to “Savor the flavor of the Ozarks.”

Western Wild Ginseng is a registered Arkansas and Missouri Ginseng Dealer. I comply with all Federal & State regulations concerning the harvest, inspection, certification & sale of Wild American Ginseng. I abide by a strict ethical code regarding the stewardship & harvest of Ginseng and other medicinal plants. And yes, I do report poachers!